Affiliate Disclosure

We are also affiliates of other products that may appear on this site. As such, we do make a small commission from any sale that may go through our site. 

This happens at no extra cost or effort on your part, and we do appreciate the business.  The price a which you pay for any products through our links is the same whether you buy from us or from another source, and we do not mark up any price of any products shown here.

If you make a purchase through our links, we do offer support and resources that can aid in your journey. 

We do not advertise these perks/bonuses as they change according to the needs of our clients, and we cannot guarantee you will get them or that you will know how to utilize them in the event that you do receive them.  Your business is your own and we have no control over that.


Performance 360x is dedicated to wellness in a 360° perspective. To perform at our best every single day, we must treat health as an all-encompassing component in everything we do. 

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